Wednesday, March 9, 2011

the side of my fridge

Yeah, so yesterday was Fat Tuesday and though I've never been to New Orleans as an adult, I've typically cooked something cajun-themed for each of the last 10 or so years.   But I had to work late.  So asked Sous Chef Brian to either cook up the beans and rice and collards I had planned, or he could order us a pizza.  So, of course, we had Mexican take out.

So no photos of anything I cooked.  Let's look at my fridge instead.

This is my fridge.  Actually, it's just the side of it, but this is where the real business takes place.

Pictured above we have bag clips, a timer, my super cool/dorky iPhone app magnets, a note pad, my digital thermometer, a lemon crab pasta recipe that I keep telling Brian I'll make with chicken, and of course, the board. 

This is the more frequently used of two boards.  The other one is scarier.

The board has three categories - Buy, Make and EatBuy is pretty simple, that's the shopping list.  Make is about things I want to make in advance, whether it means I should start soaking beans today for tomorrow's meal, or that I should really get to making up some pancakes in bulk for the freezer for quick breakfasts.  Eat is a list of what needs to be eaten.  Something might need to be eaten if it's yogurt or produce that's going to spoil if left unattended, or it might need to be eaten if I'm tired of seeing it in the freezer. Eat is good for grabbing a lunch on your way out the door.

I snap a picture of the board when I'm on my way to the grocery store, not just for the Buy category, but also so I know what I need to use up this week (if I'm using up cilantro, maybe I want to buy some lime or cheddar to work with that) and also so I know what I plan to make, in case that needs some ingredient.

This is the scarier of the two boards:

Sure, too small to read, but you couldn't read my handwriting anyway.  This board lists whats in the basement pantry.   I don't really shop in bulk, but I did a free trial membership of one of the wholesale clubs, and when I go to Trader Joe's I stockpile toiletries, and sometimes I order a case of Fruit Crispies on teh internets. So if I didn't write it down, I'd forget about it and buy it again.  I keep this board hidden. 

Maybe next time I'll tell you about how I gave in and bought a second freezer.  Or how I stockpile boxes and jars, just in case.

Send me an email if you want to share the sorts of lists you make, or blurry distant photos of your kitchen.

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