Friday, March 11, 2011

Delicious Toast

I worked late again last night, and asked Brian to make dinner. He's on spring break and has the time.  Also, I told him I wanted cheese.

So I feel like I'm posting a recipe off the back of a box here, but this is a trick we'll employ again, because it worked.  Naan, garlic naan more specifically, is pizza waiting to happen.
yeah hush, it's a phone photo
Maybe two weeks ago you bought naan and said, "I'm going to try to make Indian food."  And then you wimped out and life got in the way and the naan just sat there all pathetic-like on top of the fridge until you used some of it to sop up spinach dip and threw the rest in the freezer to give it some chance at a future.  Defrost it.  Add sauce and veggies and cheese.   Heat at 400 until cheese is melted but naan isn't burnt.  Celebrate.

Also, I'm going to toot the hell out of my own horn here.   A couple weeks ago I made a haphazard pizza sauce.  I expected it to be just fine.  I downplayed it and barely wrote down the recipe.  This is *the* pizza sauce.  Make this.  Use this.  It is delicious. Freeze it in small packages and it'll always be handy.

Anyhow, delicious toast, right?  I'm fairly obsessed with Google Analytics, and in the last week or so, someone found Saturday's Mouse by Googling "delicious toast."  

This raises several questions:

1.  Yes, I used the phrase.  At the end of my whole wheat sandwich bread post

2.  What the hell are you Googling toast for?  Take bread, apply heat. 

3.  No, my toast is not among the first few thousand hits you get in a Google search for delicious toast.  I tried it, and only when I limited results to "past month" did I find Saturday's Mouse on the 13th page of hits.  How much toast did this dude go through until he found what he needed?

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