Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweet Hot Crispy Tofu

So today I get to use the fresh local tofu I bought yesterday.

i know that glass cutting boards ruin my knives.  

Tofu Hoagies

I've never understood all the people who insist they don't like tofu. It's worse than saying you can't stand iceberg lettuce. I don't want to eat iceberg lettuce, but only because it has no nutritional value and doesn't taste like anything, so instead, I eat fancier lettuce and get both vitamins and flavor. But tofu doesn't taste like anything and serves a purpose.

And it's absorbent... it tastes like what you put on it. Moreso than any meat product - I could marinate chicken all day and it'd never be as flavorful or versatile as tofu.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shepherd's Pie

Brian requested Shepherd's pie, and that's perfect, because I have tired vegetables in the freezer.

I don't recipe, of course, so here's what I threw together. 

[Edited to add: There's a Vegan Shepherd's Pie here.]

I found something magical in the freezer:

Friday, January 28, 2011

Stock and Couscous

I keep my veg scraps to make stock. Anything scrappish, peels from things, husks of things, stalks of things, ends of things. I have a gallon bag running in the freezer like this:

What, I didn't say it'd be glamorous, it's just food.

CSA 2011

So I need to pick a CSA. As I discussed when I thought I was starting this blog back up last year, 2010 was my first time with a farmshare/CSA. It was wonderful and overwhelming. I got piles of produce.

Sweet and Sour Seitan

Ok, another "leftovers" shot. Because I'm honest.

I swear I'll get with it and take pictures while the food is attractive next time.

This is not at all my recipe - I got it here: Vegan Yum Yum
My first time cooking seitan, thrilled with the results, next time I'm using onion and garlic.

[Edited to add: There's a tweaked version of this with more detail (any detail) here.]

Pizza Dough

Well that looks a bit sad, but I didn't know I was writing a food blog when I made the pizza, so poorly taken photos of leftovers is what we have.

Here's my dough "recipe":

First a note - you have to want it. If you can get a ball of dough in the deli case for $1.29, ask yourself, what are you saving and why. Why do you want to spend three hours on dough? Also, I'm not good with recipes. I feel like I should give you more info than "do this then that".

[Edited to add: There's a step-by-step version of this, with photographs, here.]

Food blogging?

Saturday's Mouse is a fairly disgusting name for a food blog. Yet still hilarious. I'll leave up the story about the mouse for context. It's not food related.

I sent Archana my pizza dough recipe and she suggested I write a food blog? But there are a million food blogs, and those people cook better than me. And there are already excellent snarky food blogs in a voice similar to mine. Like Anger Burger and Bread and Honey (ok she hardly posts anymore). Besides, nearly a year ago when I last updated this, I almost went in that direction. So if you want better food blogging, with as much foul language as I use, go look there. If you want to know what I cooked today, you can look here.

So ok, food blogging. Besides, I'm at a fun place with food. I need to pick a CSA, and I'm in that place in winter where all my veg are frozen anyhow and I have to make stuff up. Because fresh veg speak for themselves, but frozen veg need a lot of talking to.

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