Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm an ass

Hi there.

It's not like I had anything thrilling to tell you about.   It's gross hot, and it's only early June, and no one wants to use the oven.
I actually tried - I made the two day whole wheat bread, but it rose too much and isn't bread-shaped.  One of the two loaves is usable, just made t-shirt shaped slices, but the other was too far gone, so I made two day bread crumbs and two day croutons.   

But really, other than that, recently cooking has meant busting out the melon baller or washing off some snow peas.   Because really, it's hot.

My CSA starts tomorrow.  I'm super-excited.  The first week is "farmer's choice," like a regular CSA, but after that we'll be choosing our own veg.  So I have no idea what's coming, which made shopping this weekend really interesting.  "No leafy greens, I bet we'll be overwhelmed with them."  "Ok, enough leafy greens to last us to Tuesday, but that's it."  Will there be cauliflower?  Will there be tomatoes?  But seriously, it's hot, so our menu for the week is like pasta salad and salad salad.

My plan is to get what I get tomorrow, tell ya'll about it and see if I get some awesome suggestions for what to do with it.  You'll help, right?  Then I'll post a few of those things throughout the week.

That's the plan, at least, but as above, I'm as ass.  Check out my recent Google search results.

Yeah.  At least it wasn't some once in a lifetime vacation photos.  It was asparagus. 

I don't have a paperclip, so I tried a leg from a binder clip with no success.  I'll borrow one from work today.  Thinking I was smart, the first thing I did was eject the CD drive, and I think I heard the computer swallow the SD card at that point.  

Slick design, Steve (or Jony Ive, or whoever) but there's only like 1/3 inch gap between the SD hole and the CD hole, and from the looks of the Googling, lots of folks do this.

So I'll post pictures and reasonable posts as soon as this is resolved, or start putting up iPhone photos again. (Eew).

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