Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Same Dinner Different Day: Chicken Avocado Tequila Salad

Tonight I faced a tired avocado and already wilted cilantro, leftover from Sunday's dinner.  So I made the same salad, but with chicken.  It's a chicken breast, coated in the same stuff I'd use for fajitas (cayenne, paprika, onion, garlic, salt, pepper) and grilled.

Same dinner, different day.  My avocado was softer, making it more a part of the dressing than the salad, which we both appreciated.

I'm leftovers-oriented.  I try to pack tomorrow's lunches while I'm making today's dinner.

I didn't post yesterday's dinner, which was my take on the deconstructed meatball at Lucky 13.  The deconstructed meatball is a bowl of meatballs and sauce, served with garlic bread that's covered in mozzarella.  It's a favorite over here.  So I used the leftover fresh mozzarella from Friday's dinner to cover garlic bread made from the remaining baguette from Saturday's dinner.  I made a quick pasta sauce with bison (in lieu of actual meatballs) and we dipped.  But I can't defrost just some bison, it's a pound at a time.  So while the garlic bread was broiling I made up some pasta to pack for lunches.  So now we have lunch covered for most of the week.  And I still have a good bit of taco-style seitan to use up.

There was a really nice post at The Kitchn about this recently.  I'm not an ass, I get that most people don't buy a pound of something, use half of it in a recipe and toss the rest, but there's something cathartic about not just eating the leftovers, but figuring out a way to enjoy them as much as the original meal.

Send me me your recipe ideas, leftover tricks, questions, complaints, etc, if you want to discuss.

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