Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CSA Decision 2011

We went for it.  We switched CSA farms.  I'm feeling a little guilty already.

But I just sent in my deposit.  This year we're going with Red Earth Farm.

I really liked my farmer last time.  He'd send emails that were almost poetry, describing the goings-on at the farm and offering up recipes.  But a full share there was $5 more per week than a full share at the new farm, and one of the big selling points last time was cheese and they're not offering that (and it wasn't awesome cheese). 
The real deciding factor for me was that our new farm's CSA is member choice, meaning I'm not getting any beets.  I can be sure I have salad every week.  We're doing a half share this time - a half at the new farm is 6 items, while a whole share at the old farm was 8.  We're also doing fruit and eggs every other week, and there's a supplemental buying club, meaning I can say, "Add in some honey and yogurt this week."  And it'll be there.

The real negative of the switch is the pickup site.  It's close to work, but that means bringing a cart to and from work once a week, or hoping Brian is around to pick me and the produce up in the car.  No biggie, most of the time, but there was one day last year when I got a watermelon and 8 ears of corn (plus 6 other items), and that'd be a bitch on the subway.  Oh, also I'm a wimp. 

It doesn't start until early June (my old one started in early May) so I have some time to finish using up what's in my freezer from last year and get into a new farmers' market routine in the spring before the box of produce begins.

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