Thursday, April 28, 2011

Orange Chicken ala Cook's Illustrated

I'm a whore for Cook's Illustrated.  I've discussed it in depth before, and my new favorite bread recipe is theirs and I DVR America's Test Kitchen and I signed up to be a recipe tester - but sigh, they never call - maybe they've seen the blog and have good reasons.

So I went flipping through back issues and found this one: "Rescuing Orange-Flavored Chicken," in the May/June 2005 issue.   I've never had Orange-Flavored Chicken, and thus, did not know it was in need of rescue.   Apparently its an overly-sweet and sticky sauce on fried chicken that folks get via Chinese take-out. 
It looked somewhat fussy, but really wasn't, but here's the thing - it's f-ing delicious.  I suggest you make it.

No recipe, but you can try the website out for free at the link above.   

Also, for those of you who are tracking it, I actually made this last week.  I still have plague and I'm still not cooking.  I can't imagine cooking.  It's like that.

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