Sunday, May 1, 2011

Opening Day at Headhouse Farmers' Market

Big day today.   Today was the first day of the season at the Headhouse Farmers' Market.  Headhouse is not my usual farm market, it's more of a place I go for a fun morning out.  It's far bigger than the stands I have easy access to, but it's just far enough that it makes sense to drive, and I don't want to have to drive to get produce most days. 

So today was exciting.  I actually might have built it up a bit too much.  I thought it was the end of grocery stores for the season, but not quite.   Still, a good start. 

I think I actually did better on dairy than on produce, although I got some scallions too big for the fridge, and incredible tomatoes (this early?!), spinach, asparagus and a huge basil plant.   I'm not plant oriented, so I buy a basil plant each spring and then it barely survives through the end of summer and then I do it again the next year.   Still, when a plant costs less than two bunches, it's the way to go.
The offerings, and of course, it's very early, were more DIY than I was ready for.  I could have bought a ton of organic vegetable seedlings, but the chances of me actually ending up with lettuce or eggplant or whatever are so slim I figured I'd stick with the ready-to-eat stuff.

Dairy wise, we got fresh butter, a really pungent blue cheese and a mystery smoked cheddar that we didn't sample.   Also, coffee and eggs.

We're lucky to have a access to a ton of farm markets of varying sizes located all around town.  They're on different days, so I'll walk by one several times a week on my way home from work.   Last year, my CSA pickup was the same day as a market three blocks away, which was super convenient.  This year my CSA pickup is closer to work so it's going to be an adventure figuring out the new routine. 

So what do I make with all that green onion? And how do I highlight the goodness of fresh local butter without just eating a stick of it Paula Deen style? 

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