Friday, April 22, 2011

CSA Update - and sauteed mouse

I cannot wait for the CSA to start, but it's still weeks away.  All I have left from last year, at this point, is a few frozen herbs and a ton of mediocre Havarti.  Any suggestions for using lame frozen cheese? I never developed a winter farmer's market routine, and this coming year I'm going to have to, because the CSA doesn't run quite as long and I really don't want to keep giving Whole Foods all my money.   I feel like shopping in the grocery store has really screwed me up on understanding the seasons (note my recent error on asparagus) and I'm just ready to get back into it.  Maybe next year I'll do Winter Harvest.

The farm we joined last year sends these sad emails updating us on their season and reminding us to re-join.  There was nothing wrong with that farm, we just wanted to try something else this year.   It's fairly heartbreaking.

We're signed up for veggies and herbs and eggs and fruit...  fruit will be hard.   We like berries, we like apples and I like peaches if they're cooked (grilled?) but I'm not sure what to do about the rest of it.  When I was like 11 my friend's mom served me pasta with faux crab and canned peaches in it, and I was horrified, but that actually sounds appealing now.   Not the faux crab so much.  So this summer will be a fruit adventure.  Maybe I'll make jam or something.  Maybe I'll actually can something.

It's member choice, and I tested out their system over the weekend, and it's awesome and simple - go to the website, pick the food, wait a few days, get the food.  How magical is that?   It just means we have to set two iCal reminders now - one for the pick-up day and the other for the ordering window.

Last year, I'd post about my farmshare haul on Facebook and people gave me great tips.  If I came home with kohlrabi or daikon, someone would have used it before and tell me how.  I hope I can do that here - post what I've got and look for some suggestions for what to do with it.

Also, someone found this blog a few days ago by Googling "sauteed mouse."  That makes me sad.  I've never cooked that.  Turns out, this is the number 1 site you get from Googling "sauteed mouse." Of course, now, like a self-fulfilling prophecy, I've actually used the phrase so of course it'll come up.  But I promise, it came up before I said it.  

That is, by far, my favorite part of Google Analytics - the part that tells me what folks Googled to get here - lots of it makes sense, "can you use red cabbage in egg rolls?" (yes) "why do you soak sundried tomatoes?" (because they're gross otherwise) or "home fries bacon grease" (yes!).  It makes me feel like someone other than me is actually getting something out of this. 

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