Friday, December 2, 2011

Buying Club - The Goods - Week 5

There is no week 4.  What with the holiday, we opted not to pick up last week, which means we haven't had groceries.  Like, at all.  I mean, we have a freezer full of food, so we ate, but whoa. 

I thought it'd be easier with two pictures.  How do you photograph your groceries?

So we have milk, and sadly, the chive chevre was cut out of this photo.  Eggs and spinach and beef jerky and popcorn and lettuce and yogurt and cilantro. 

More of the amazing but expensive granola, and some hidden cheese, and - brace yourselves - beef soup bones.  Yeah.  I'm making french onion.  Hummus and heavy cream and collards and broccoli and apple cider and in the plastic bag, chicken breasts.  Whole.  This will be an adventure.  

The popcorn was an impulse buy.  Impulse buys are tough, since I ordered this three weeks ago, but maybe 6 weeks ago I was like, "Hey, I'll make popcorn."  And then I realized I don't do that.  So I looked in the cabinet of boxed food (this exists. most of it moved with us 2.5 years ago) and thought I'd find microwave popcorn but I didn't.  So hey, real popcorn.

Only I don't have a popcorn machine like I grew up with.  I also don't have a non-nonstick pot, other than my ceramic ones.   How do you make popcorn?  I could Google it, yeah, but how do *you* do it?

There is still time to enter the Freebie/Contest/Giveaway, but this is probably my last post between now and then, so if you've been putting off entering, you're going to have to mark your own calendar, I'm done reminding you here.  Seriously, we're giving away some good stuff, like this:

And this:

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