Wednesday, December 7, 2011

...and the winner is...

Want to see who won the oil spritzer and the silicone baking mat in our second Saturday's Mouse Freebie/Contest/Giveaway??  


Cheryl won an oil spritzer and a silicone baking mat.  Cheryl should email me with her mailing address. 

Cheryl entered with, "I don't eat anything weird.  I'm about as normal and boring as they come!!  I do like pickles and cheese on my hotdog (when I decide hotdogs aren't gross) but thats not that weird.. kind of like relish, right?  :)"

It's weird, Cheryl.  I mean, the hot dog alone.  It's weird.

No offense intended, but I typed the word "Cheryl" so many times it stopped looking right.  Does that ever happen to you?  I remember years and years ago working in a restaurant and passing hors d'ouvres and saying, "scallops and bacon," so many times it didn't feel like English anymore. 

And our non-prize-winning runner up, based on story alone, is Kim, the vegetarian who orders the Chicken BLT pizza, hold the meat:

"This is weird.  When I'm feeling ok with receiving strange looks, I like to order the Chicken BLT Pizza from a restaurant down the street from me called the Pizza Grille.  So, it comes with chicken, bacon, a layer of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and little florets (is that the pastry term?) of mayo on top.  I order the pizza without chicken or bacon and I'm left with a pretty awesome cheese sandwich/sub pizza thing.  The other people at the table make fun for a while but end up sharing it with me.  And if the waitress (it's usually a waitress; I rarely see waiters at this place) is nice, she offers to charge me for a cheese pizza."

Thank you all for entering the contest.  We'll do another one in a few months.  If you have prize ideas, email me your suggestions. 

And for all you non-winners (losers) these seriously are the most used items in my kitchen.  You should go out and buy them for yourself.  Or put them on your Amazon wishlist and tell your family and friends about it.  

Thanks, of course, to, for letting me avoid opening up a stats textbook to the back page with the random numbers. 

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