Friday, December 9, 2011

Buying Club - The Goods - Week 6

Sometimes stuff doesn't show up.  We get reimbursed, and if it's something we really need, we pick up it's equivalent at the supermarket.  Sous Chef Brian is getting irritated about this, but in a surprise move, I am not.  So we're missing some stuff, and more weeks than not so far, that's happened.  

Here's what we do have:

Fingerling potatoes.  Skim milk. Whole milk (it's baking season).  Blueberry yogurt (best ever, but some fool -me- keeps accidentally ordering the small size).  Lettuce.  Mushrooms.  Onions. Kale.  Bacon. 

Let's zoom in a sec:

One could not look at this bag and not take away the message that these are pee wee potatoes.  And whoa look how tiny they are.  

Flour (it's baking season).  Granola.  Sauerkraut (despite my high school German, that took several tries to spell).  Kimchee (it's how the producer spells it, don't hassle me).  Smoked cheddar. Eggs. Tofu. Hot dogs (seriously). Brussels sprouts.  Broccoli. Carrots. 

Let's talk about those carrots.  I've never seen anything like this... they're all so stumpy.  But it's all of them.  I'm used to farm carrots being more scraggly than grocery store carrots, but these are not at all scraggly.  They're so uniform.  

We're probably going to need to be more cautious on ordering meat.  We buy grocery store meat and wrap it up into servings and freeze it, but this all comes frozen, so when I open the bacon, I'm opening all the bacon.  It's pretty easy to commit to two strips, but a package? And it's the same thing with the hot dogs - I had imagined those would last us six months of a certain spouse of mine saying there was nothing to eat and defrosting one or two, but no, they have to happen all at once.  We are going to have to have a December cookout!

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