Friday, December 16, 2011

Buying Club 2011 - The Goods - Week 7

I thought I'd give the goods some context this week.  This is my fridge.  It's older than me, but it works most of the time.  This is the stuff inside of it.  A lot of this stuff came from this week's buying club order.  That stuff is bolded.  Let me tell you what I got and where it's from. 

I have a milk problem.  Each week we go through a half-gallon of skim, and it's perfectly timed, it takes exactly a week.  But then last week I got some whole milk because it's time to bake cookies, and I haven't started yet.  But remember, I order this stuff weeks in advance, so perhaps I'm optimistic.  So this week I ALSO got a half-gallon of whole milk.  So that's two unopened half-gallons of milk.  Oh, but wait.  This week I ALSO got a half gallon of raw milk, because I had imagined myself making ricotta.  So there's plenty of milk, three half-gallons from Maplehofe Dairy* and one from Kingfisher Dairy.   Also pictured, Kaufmann's cider from a few weeks ago that I had kept in the freezer, as well as an ancient flat bottle of Diet Coke (from August) and an aging bottle of white wine. 

Then there's the inside.  I have grocery store sage, which I thought I was going to put in the butternut squash dip, but I changed my mind.  And (grocery store) flax seed and wheat germ.  Broccoli, kale, half an onion, sour cream, and two sizes of Pequea Valley Farm blueberry yogurt.  Also jalepeno lime hummus from FreshaPeel - I haven't tried this one, but the last one was awesome -and last week's buying club kimchi and sauerkraut.  The baggie on the bottom left contains cooked bacon, because last week's buying club order had it all frozen together, so I cooked it all together.  Also, spinach, grocery store pickles, lettuce mix, quite a few eggs (it's baking season), a half pound of defrosted seitan and some cilantro that is still good, despite the odds.  By chance, this week's veg are all from Landisdale Farm

In the drawers I have cheeses and the forgotten veg of yesterweek.  For cheese, we have local feta from Lindendale Farm and local colby, as well as grocery store mozzarella and asiago.  Then last week's leftover veg**: carrots that I'm going to have to freeze, brussels sprouts, portobellos and some aging broccoli.  

Sous Chef Brian has toned things down, but he used to keep an entire shelf of mustards.  From this angle, I can only see four, which is a huge improvement. 
In the door, it's almost all grocery store food.  I don't think I can name all of it, but it's mustards and jams and peanut butter and soy and vegenaise and the like.  Nothing much to see here.  I don't make my own fish sauce or anything. There is a local ketchup from Bauman's up there, but everything else is just fridge food.  I can't get some real staples from the buying club, so my grocery store list this week includes rice vinegar and sesame seeds.

Not pictured this week: BEEF.  I bought beef from Rineer Meats via the buying club and then, because we were feeling adventurous, something called "sweet beef stick" from Landisdale Meats, which is an expensive, sweet, Slim Jim (but made of food).  Also butter, from Maplehofe Dairy, which is in the freezer. 

*I'm trying to attribute the foods to their actual producers.  Where there's no link, just assume either they're Amish or otherwise don't have a website, or I'm lazy and missed it. 

**Since these pictures were taken, the mushrooms and last week's broccoli worked with the sour cream and some of that onion to become one of the ugliest (purple-gray) pasta sauces known to man.  Tasted good, though.  The brussels sprouts just got roasted up with salt and pepper and olive oil. 

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