Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clip Show

this entire post is just a ploy to re-use this image.  i think i'm going to make it into the new Saturday's Mouse logo.

Are clip shows a relic of the 80s, or does TV still do that?  What about very special episodes?

Well, this isn't a very special episode where I write all about hamburgers and then break character and tell you about the horrors of the meat industry.   About four months ago I shared some of my favorite posts for our 100 posts celebration.  We're not at a milestone number, but I have some new favorites.  These are dishes I had not made before, or had not made this way, and they sort of expanded the range of what's possible in my little kitchen. 

This recipe came from a misunderstanding.  I thought I had heard of something like this (I had not), threw it together the way I thought might work, and it worked.  I felt a bit triumphant.   They're pretty decadent, and they're made out of leftovers. I don't really make quiche, so this was a nice shortcut to a similar experience.  Anyhow, these were creamy, cheesy, amazing little bite sized breakfasts or filings for breakfast sandwiches.  They froze really well.  A win all around. 

Spinach Strata

Speaking of eggs, the Spinach Strata was ridiculous.  I had thought my original strata was just fine.  Sure it was.  But it wasn't this.  This was something special.  It doesn't mean that my quick-and-light weeknight strata isn't awesome.  I'm still a fan.  But this is the real thing, the invite-friends-to-brunch strata.  I served it with dinner, we ate it for lunch, so don't let the eggs part of it make you feel like this is an exclusively breakfast food.  1. There's no such thing and 2.  It's a pretty rad side dish. 

This one won't seem revolutionary to anyone who doesn't eat in my house regularly, but the Orange Seitan and Noodle Stir Fry was a gamechanger.  I make a lot of stir fry but I typically use the same sauce or a variation of it (honey, soy, vinegar, chili paste).  I had made an orange flavored dish from a recipe before but it wasn't something I kept in my back pocket.  Who knew?  Orange is awesome.  Also, I heart seitan.

Ginger Peanut Salad Dressing

The Ginger Peanut Salad Dressing might be my first attempt at a copycat recipe.  This is THAT dressing. Not a lot of what I cook at home is mysterious restaurant food.  It might be the most satisfying dressing I've made.  I'm really not one to follow through on a suggestion to add ketchup to a food...ketchup is an end product, not an ingredient.  But I've also cooked meatballs in grape jelly before.  

Light Brioche Style Sandwich Rolls

The Light Brioche Style Sandwich rolls might not seem revolutionary since I do make a good amount of bread.   But I've been making bread for less than two years, and every time I work with a new recipe, I'm amazed that (if) it works out.  These rolls fought me the whole way and it was worth it.  

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