Friday, November 4, 2011

On The Road

So I've been out of town, and not cooking.  MSNDG came through and photographed the goods for ya'll this week.  I couldn't tell what that one leafy thing was from the picture, and neither could she, in person, but I looked in the fridge when I got back, and it's celery.  Celery that is so leafy and green and fluffy that I just feel like I need to make chicken stock.  But ya'll've* seen me with chicken and it's not pretty, so we'll see.  

I was in DC, at a conference.  Sous Chef Brian is a big fan of monuments and statues and blisters and such, so he came along.  He went around taking pictures like this:

And I went around taking pictures of hotel carpets, like this:

"Space Invaders"

And when we were together, we were eating, sleeping, or I was busy trying to get him as stressed out as I was, "Where's my presentation?" "Where's my toothbrush?" "Which socks go best with this suit?"

We went to this awesome tapas place, which in conversation I kept hearing as a "topless place," and ate things like this:

Some sort of blue cheese.  I didn't take notes.  I barely took pictures. 
Fried potatoes with some banging cream sauce.  Because once you're eating fried potatoes, why not add cream?
Roasted red peppers stuffed with goat cheese. 
Chicken fritters (not a winner)
Out of season and delicious "grilled asparagus."  Pretty shiny for grilled, don't ya think?
"Paisley Fireball"
And the next night we went to this awesome place with a farm-to-table theme and I thought, "Whew, there's been a lot of chicken fritters and fried potatoes in my life, I had best order a salad."  But instead we ate bacon. Three of us started with an appetizer, bacon covered in sugar and cinnamon, on a stick. 

Everyone says never to use flash on food pictures, but which photo isn't yellow?  This one. 
We took care of the appetizer. 

And I got my salad - spinach, bacon, egg, fried onions, etc and some butternut squash and bacon soup. 

And Sous Chef Brian got a salad too - avocado, egg, bacon, etc. 

And our friend got green pea ravioli, with bacon. 

So we're detoxing now, playing vegan for a few days to recover.  

And then on the way home, we stopped at a diner and ate terrible food (pre-detox-commitment).  

Sous Chef Brian chose something that was called "Lemon Chicken Soup" but was, in practice, "Lemon Chicken Pudding."  Nobody won. 

But we're back now.  And I'll cook something.  Probably something leafy and green.  Probably not bacon.  For now.  Also, this week is our first Winter Harvest pickup.  I'll show it to you when I get it.  

"High traffic flames"

*I believe we need contractions in our language that carry the weight of several words, like "ya'll've" (y-olive).  "You all have" is just a mouthful

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