Friday, September 16, 2011

Hot Tip: Freezing Tomatoes

Remember when I had all those tomatoes?   My cousin Michael, and I should be clear, because I have three of those, so my first cousin's husband, Michael, reminded me that I could freeze them to peel, rather than blanching them.  Just toss them in the freezer, whole, and when they defrost the skins come off.  I've done this with a handful of tomatoes, but never with a serious tomato bounty. At the time, I didn't have room in my freezer(s) for 27 pounds of tomatoes. 

You can freeze tomatoes whole, though, when you have the space.  You can't use them on a BLT afterwards (well, you can but you shouldn't) but for cooking, it's fantastic.  So recently, I got a smaller load of plum tomatoes in my CSA and I just washed them and popped them in a gallon zipper bag in the freezer.  

Then when I started feeling guilty about how I don't do much to take care of the 100 year old man* who lives on my street and looks after the block, I
decided to make sauce.  

So the frozen tomatoes, now little red rocks, went into a pot of warm water, and one minute later, the skins were volunteering to come off.  Very easy. 

See the wrinkles?  That's what I'm talking about.  Pinch and peel.  From there, I just made sauce

*a note on hyperbole**:  I say people are 100 all the time, and no one gets it.  I mean, constantly, someone will respond - "Really, he's 100??"  Probably not.  He's probably in his early 90s.  I don't ever ask him, because that's rude and as far as I can tell, he's 100.  I have another neighbor I describe the same way.  I picked this up a decade ago from Liz at the insurance agency, so Liz, if you're reading this, know what you've done to me in terms of describing the old. I bet if I started saying, "the 112 year old man," people would get it.

**a note on the word hyperbole:  I must have been out sick on the day we covered this word in spelling class, because despite whatever typos and errors you see here, I'm actually a half-decent speller, and this one doesn't work for me.  I think I was well into my 20s when I read the word, looked it up and said, "Oh, that's how you spell high-per-boly."  To me, it reads less like exaggeration and more like "hyper bowl," which I imagine is some sort of futuristic sporting event.  When I was in elementary school I read something about a girl wearing a "beribboned" dress (seriously?) and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what "berry boned" meant in fashion. There's a This American Life episode that I love called A Little Bit of Knowledge that addresses this.  Including the mispronunciation of misled as mizled, which I happen to prefer. "I just felt so mizled,"  "The corporation intentionally mizled their shareholders."  Yay.   You should totally listen to it. 

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