Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSA 2011 - The Goods - Week 16

I sort of can't believe we're in week 16 already.  

Apples.  Lots of really pretty apples.  It's a bitch that I don't like pie, so we'd better be on top of our apple a day.

Curly kale. 

Dinosaur kale.  I think salad season is over, so kale salad is here full time.  I don't mind. 

Eggs.  We were missing them last week, but now, knowing there's a half dozen in my fridge and another dozen coming next week, I'm getting panicky.  Maybe there's a quiche in our future. 

Parsley.  Big and fluffy parsley.  

Pears.  Not as pretty as last time (those were gorgeous) but I'm really looking forward to these. 

Taters.  Not much to say about them, except my potatoes from this summer kept going to waste.  I made hash browns a few times, but basically imagined I'd make potato salad and never did.  

So if you have tips on using this fruit (not doused in cinnamon sugar) or these potatoes and parsley, or really, eggs, please let me know. 

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