Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CSA 2011 - The Goods - Week 15


Week 15.   Very green.  There are only five photos but I did get six things.  

Curly on top, lacinato on the bottom. 
Two kinds of kale.  I typically buy curly kale, but teh interwebs say that dinosaur or lacinato kale is best for kale salad.  I tried it once and didn't pick up on the difference, but we eat so much kale salad around here, it's good to check.  So this week we'll do a side by side comparison.   I've never tried the lacinato kale in kale chips, but I'll do that another time. 

Beans!  I've eaten more green beans this summer than in any previous.  I don't think I understood how flexible they were before.  I always thought they were a side dish that required dressing, or you could stir fry them.   Last week, I used them in pasta salad and they totally fit in. 

Onions.  I need to stop ordering onions.  I don't use them at the pace I thought I did.  Any ideas for using up onions?  Caramelized on top of what?

Peppers.  Like the onions, I need to stop with this.  Fajitas, stir fries, stuffed, but still, I keep choosing peppers and need something creative to do with them.  Any ideas?

Acorn squash.  Whoa, winter squash?  Already?  At the same time as summer peppers and green beans?  I don't do sweet squash, so this will go with ricotta in something.  Maybe wonton ravioli, because I have stray wonton wrappers. 

This was supposed to be an egg week, but no eggs.  I had expected to be overloaded with eggs, but had planned on a strata, because I got all weird in Trader Joe's and bought challah.  It's delicious, but I'm not going to eat it in time.  Any ideas for using up challah?  French toast, sure, what else?

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