Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CSA 2011 - The Goods - Week 17

Week 17, the last of the tomatoes?

This week I got eggs again, but it's not a problem and I'll post why soon.

And butternut squash.

And baby bok choy.

And misc peppers.  These were marked "Hot peppers - medium."  I know the little red cherry peppers aren't hot, or weren't last time I got them.   I don't know what kind the green ones are. Anaheims?  Banana peppers?  What do you think and what should I do with them?

And then what feels like the end of summer.  Lettuce.

And tomatoes.  This is two orders of tomatoes.  I need to make mid-week sauce for a thing, so this was a special order.

So with the lettuce and tomatoes spoken for (salad and sauce), I'd love some guidance on the rest.   It feels too early to roast up a butternut squash (yeah ok, I roasted up two acorn squash last week) and I can make the bok choy simply or do something fun with it, and oh yeah, those peppers, what are they?

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