Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vegetarian Cat

I heard there weren't enough cats on the Internet, so felt compelled to post this.

I mentioned in the 100th post that I had posted several pictures of my cat over the last few months.  That's true, but it made me feel bad - like I only have one cat.  Sabrina is the one who is typically photographed with meat.  She's into it.  Ainsley, however, is weird.

We adopted Ainsley when she was too young, and I blame that for most of her problems.  Not that we took her away from her momma, we got her second-hand from someone who rescued her.  Third-hand, really.  Anyway, she's "off."  She's tense and skittish.

If we're eating or cooking meat or dairy, Sabrina is nearby, howling.  Ainsley is in another room, typically staring off like a depressed teenager (that's her thing).  But if we're making a salad, Ainsley is right on hand, waiting to catch whatever drops.  She doesn't know what's in her kibble, so she thinks she's a vegetarian.

Here's a fairly blurry action series of Ainsley, Sous Chef Brian, and a leaf of red leaf lettuce.  Ignore the messy office in the background, please.

She's into greens. Speaking of into greens... NYT recently had an Friday on Meatless Mondays, and the title cracked me up: Meatless Mondays Catch On, Even With Carnivores.   No, only with carnivores, right?  Because other folks are already going meatless on Monday and everyday.  So carnivores are your target population.   If you're working on convincing vegetarians to go meatless, you're doing it wrong.

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