Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrambled Eggs and Arugula - what to do with all the veg?

Remember how I had all those eggs?  Also arugula?

Peppery arugula is great in eggs. 

In the past, I've listed off the sorts of things we like to do to use up farmshare veg.  This isn't a farmshare, but I still like to look into the fridge once a week and figure out what has to get used up.  Some of that gets frozen, given away, packed into a salad, and some of it we figure out how to eat quickly. 

As CSA season starts to get close, let's talk about what to do with fridge miscellany (this list is for Sarah, who's doing her first share this year, and for all of us who have just a month or two until we're overwhelmed with produce):

Quesadillas (like this, or this)
Pizza (like this, or this, or this, or any of these)
Stir Fry (like this, or this, or this)
Pasta (for anything but potatoes, in my mind.  Like this or this, or really, go all out and do this)
and of course, eggs, like this or this, or hey, just make up some scrambled eggs. 

You know how to make scrambled eggs, maybe just OK scrambled eggs, maybe amazing scrambled eggs, but you can do it.  I usually don't try to make scrambled eggs... I usually try to make an omelet, and then half the time we have scrambled eggs.  For perfect scrambled eggs, look to the pros

Usually, once each weekend, we'll make up a big plate of eggs and sit down with two forks.  

A big plate of eggs, for the two of us, is 6 eggs, excluding 4-5 yolks.  I like to have a yolk in there for every three or so whites, because otherwise it can get rubbery and bland, but I also feel like skipping yolks gives us freedom to add cheese.  This is the goat mozzarella that I think is more like feta, and that local bacon

Just make sure to saute your onions and greens first. Hit it with a little red pepper flake, if that's how you like your mornings to go. 

What do you put in your eggs?  
What do you to manage CSA veg (or garden veg, or any other source of unknown veg?)

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