Friday, March 30, 2012

Buying Club 2012 - The Goods - Week 21 and a note for Philly Folks

Subtitled: Secrets of a milk hoarder

I wouldn't trade my current grocery situation for a different one.  That's why I still do it.  But ordering my food three weeks in advance has serious disadvantages. Like all the damn milk I thought I'd use.  I told you this last week, but it came again this week.  Milk.

So straight to the freezer with it.  You can see the difference between this week's fresh milk and the frozen milks of yester-month.  Looking at the back of the freezer, I might be developing a yogurt problem too.  Also, looking at the freezer, I need to cook unless I just want to eat dairy forever. 

Putting it away, Sous Chef Brian was like, "I don't understand.  Will you please stop ordering milk?"

It's going to be hard, two weeks from now, to say that I won't need milk two weeks from then.  But I'll try.

All that milk is from Maplehofe Dairy.

Greens from Rineer Family Farms.  Dried tomatoes from Margerum's

Honey via Margerum's, from NJ. 

Onions from Landisdale, 'shrooms from Mother Earth

Also, a note for the locals... I just heard about Philly Farm and Food Fest (I'm late to the game).  It's this Sunday (April 1) at the Convention Center, and there will be all sorts of local farms and food producers exhibiting, plus workshops and classes and it looks like a fun time overall.  Just reading the list of exhibitors got me excited (my favorite cheese will be there).   It looks like some of it is geared towards farmers and suppliers, but the rest, that's for us.  Looks like a good day.  Tix are cheaper in advance. 

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