Friday, March 23, 2012

Buying Club 2012 - The Goods - Week 20

Here are things that I've learned from 20 weeks of this buying club:

1. Some of my favorite foods, by far, are the ones I can get from these farmers and producers.  The yogurt, the cheese, the cookies.  Ok, fine the veg, but cheese, yogurt and cookies are fantastic

2.  I am not a machine, and can't get through milk like this.  It's my fault.  No one pushes a button and makes me order milk, but every week I get a half gallon that goes right into the freezer.   There are three half-gallons of milk in my freezer right now.  This means that I will never trust the date on a milk jug. 

3.  I don't think the goat mozzarella that I bought was really any different from feta.  Still tasty.  Not mozz.

4.  Back to expiration dates, I have accumulated some eggs.  It's almost like the milk, above, but two of the three cartons have dates that go back at least two weeks.  They're still good tho.  I don't know what that's about.  I sniff.  They're fine. So I keep serving them. But I do ask Sous Chef Brian to crack them open, just in case they're "creepy."

Moar Eggs!

Amazing Oatmeal raisin cookies.


Arugula and Cilantro. 

Spinach and Spring mix. 

Tofu and Cheese.  I feel weird about buying pre-cooked tofu, but it's delicious and really easy to pack for lunch, in a salad or seriously, just as a piece of tofu to go along with whatever.

The incredible yogurt.  I actually have a freezer full of this stuff too.

I bought chicken and didn't take pictures, because it's raw chicken, and milk too, which went straight to the freezer and avoided the camera all together.

We do have to go to a grocery store this week, since we're out of both red wine vinegar and balsamic. 

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