Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CSA 2011 - The Goods - Week 21

It's week 21, the first week of farmer's choice.  Meaning I'm not racing to select veg before all the good stuff is gone.  I like that.  I really thought I'd prefer selecting my own this year, but the mad dash for the good stuff during the work day, and I guess the lack of a challenge (what is that/can I eat it) made me miss good old fashioned mystery boxes of veg.  So this week I got that.   

It's less stuff (I'm used to six vegetables) but it all looks to be in great shape, so I'm looking forward to it.

Arugula.  I know what that is and I can eat that.  I've been selecting it for the past few weeks, so getting it this week was perfect.  It's been keeping very well too, which is handy. 


Bok choy.

Broccoli.  This is one I haven't been able to get through the CSA before.  I don't remember if I've missed it on order day or if it's only autumn now and there hasn't been broccoli yet. 

Eggs.   Hey food people, if you get undated farmshare eggs, and say they accumulate in the fridge and you don't know when they came in, how do you know if they're still good?  If they smell ok, is that enough?

Potatoes.  My friend (MSNDG) told me she Wordled(?)  Saturday's Mouse...I guess that gives you a cloud of overused words, and asked me to guess the biggest word, the word I used the most here.   I guessed "anyway" but the biggest word by far was "potatoes." That's weird.  I've made potatoes twice recently, but I think that means four or five times since January.  

Recency must play in, because chocolate is pretty big and I've made those cookies the other day and then, what, I put some frosting on a chocolate cake once and wrote an afterthought post on it.  When else am I discussing chocolate?

So how is everybody doing with the last weeks of their farmshares, or farm markets?  Did you fill your freezer with goodness all summer long so that you can enjoy it through the winter, or are you going to go into withdrawal when CSA season ends?  Do you have a good cold-weather option?  Are you able to shop the same way year-round? Are you just going to start eating Fritos and canned chili?  What's your plan?

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