Friday, June 29, 2012

CSA Summer 2012 - The Goods - Week 6

Week 6.  Remember that time I was like, "ugh, beets are coming," and then beets didn't come and I danced? Ok, fine, you weren't in my kitchen this afternoon. 

We get an email the day before pickup letting us know what we're getting, so we knew the losers on the list were beets and peaches.  I had committed to figuring out something with the beets, since I had already given away a bunch of them from a previous haul.  We have someone for the peaches, too, so we were all set.

And then it happened.  For the first time, I went to pickup, which meant it was much later in the pickup window than when Sous Chef Brian typically goes, and wouldn't you know it, they were out of beets.  Amazing!  They were also out of green beans, which is sad, but hey, no beets. 

Asian green salad blend. 

Tomatoes.  Yay, tomatoes.  We're in a world of salsa and blts.  We bought these separately. 

Onions?  "Organic Red Long of Tropea Onions." I'm not even sure those words are in the right order. 

Peaches, but hey, just four.  I could grill one myself and give the other three away.   The guy at the farm tried to get me to buy more, and I was like, "Oh, no thanks," and he was all, "The ones in your share aren't ripe yet, these are ripe," and I was like, "Still, no," and he kept at it and finally I was like, "I'm sorry, I don't like stone fruit," and that opened up a whole new thing.  It went on.  I had to admit I like plums, but not yellow/orange stone fruit. This left it open to white peaches.  I'm really glad I didn't bring up my beets issue. 

Snap peas.  These were extras that we bought. 

Gnarly carrots. 

Challah! Extra as well, but who bakes when it's this hot? I have no bread.  Ok, now I have challah. 

Cheese from my favorite dairy, and eggs.  We actually caught up on eggs, for the first time in recent memory.  Maybe since last year's CSA with it's egg share.  Or was that the year before?  

Corn!  Look at that!  It's corn!

Cucumbers.  I will do my best not to just run to the kitchen and make that cucumber salad again.  Maybe. 

The first eggplant.  The first. Ignore the dent. 

I thought these were mustard greens, Sous Chef Brian thought they were dandelion greens, and either way, we got them in place of the beets. 

Moar blueberries! This is not going to get old. 

Chard. This is my favorite thing.  It's so versatile. 

It's getting to be that time, we're coming up on a blogiversary of sorts, the 300th post.  We're more than a week away, but it's time to start planning. What should we do?  At 200 we did this, and at 100 we did this. Ooh, winner gets all the peaches in my CSA share. 

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