Monday, June 11, 2012

Dining Out: Lucky Old Souls Burger Truck

Take a look at that cheese. 
CSA pickup means a busy evening.  Sous Chef Brian comes home with the foods and then we sort through the fridge and do what needs done.  This time, that meant making zucchini bread and salad dressing to make room for a giant cabbage.   Things get frozen, chopped, blanched.  There are dishes to do.  

So, in a brilliant business decision, there is a burger truck at our CSA pickup.  Because people who are bringing home pounds of amazing fresh local veg and don't want to face it all, those people want a burger.  We are those people. 
Sous Chef Brian stopped by the Lucky Old Souls truck at Greensgrow and ordered us the L.O.S. burger, which has their special sauce, pickled tomatoes, grilled onions, local beef and housemade bacon.  

At bite two, I declared that this was my new favorite burger.  Super moist, and the pickled tomatoes were ridiculous.  Also, I'm a sucker for brioche

The fries weren't kidding around either. Dark, crispy and legit. Handcut, and they came with a decadent garlic sauce that unfortunately opened up in transit, and I didn't photograph the two of us using fries to scrape sauce out of the bag.  That wouldn't be classy.

Apparently this truck is the hot thing now, because we ate this on Thursday and right now it is Monday morning and as I went to post it I noticed another local blog had just covered it over the weekend. 

Friday, when I was putting up the The Goods post, I saw that the South Philly Food Co-op was on the Facebook talking about Lucky Old Souls at Greensgrow, and their participation in Shop South Philly, so if you're a South Philly Food Co-op member, and you flash your membership card, you get a deal. And this burger truck is a big deal. 

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