Monday, June 25, 2012

Sour Cherry Brownies

At least in this part of the country, folks with CSA fruit are getting overloaded with cherries.  Sure, you can make pies and crumbles and tarts, but those are totally not my thing, so I've just been eating sour cherries by the handful.

It got to be too much, and Sous Chef Brian won't touch them, so it was all on me.  We finally resorted to inviting friends over (not that we wouldn't have invited them anyway) because we knew they liked sour cherries. We sent them home with a doggy bag. 

But wait, you know what's better than staging a dinner party to use up fruit?  


Sour cherries add something special to chocolate, making brownies more complex, maybe a bit more bitter (in a good way) and way more rich.

I don't have a brownie recipe, ya'll know I don't bake, so Googled and found that I had all the ingredients for Alton Brown's brownie recipe on hand.  I made the recipe exactly as stated, but added 3/4 cup of chopped cherries. 

They were superrich and moist, with bits of sour cherry tang throughout.  And the good news is that I have more cherries so I can do it again. 

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