Wednesday, July 27, 2011

CSA 2011 - The "Goods" - Week 8

Seriously. The "goods" is in quotes for a reason.

Last year I got frustrated midseason with the CSA because I thought it was a challenge to use up all the veg, and, as I've mentioned before, I hate beets. It was my first year and the bugs freaked me out. It was buggier than standard farm market veg. It was an adventure and I got tired of it.

This time, with the new farm, it's a different kind of adventure. Will there be enough food? No, you're going back to Whole Foods. Will the food be spoiled? At least some of it. And stone fruit is the new beets. But that's my fault, I chose fruit, somehow imagining it'd all be berries and apples.

I had a disappointing trip to the farm market a few weeks ago, so I get that spoiled veg happens, it's not like it's something exclusive to my CSA, but last year's CSA wasn't like this. I think I'm bitter and sad that I switched farms.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a sourpuss. That's just my way. But really, I don't want to keep posting my disappointment up here for ya'll. Especially when I'm reading and hearing about my friends' great CSA hauls.

So I'll try to perk it up, at least after this week. I mean really, posting a sad CSA post the day after a baking fail? After this, you should probably go read cuteoverload for a while. But let me gripe a bit first.

This week I paid extra to get two additional items and the yogurt.

This is not a head of lettuce. I think the picture doesn't really do it justice, so scroll up and look at it leaning all sad against the wall. This is a serving of lettuce.

This is kale. Lacinato or Dinosaur kale. I've never bought this kind before, I've been getting curly kale. This kale looks like swiss cheese. I think the bugs got more of it than remained in the bunch. It's in the fridge, turning into kale salad, because that's my thing.

These are carrots. I don't know what's with the brown mushy part at the top. That's new for me.

These are tomatoes. Someone has already stuck their thumb through one.

These are also tomatoes.

These are onions. Cippolini.

These are "candy" onions. Never heard of them before.

This is a melon. I bought prosciutto and arugula in anticipation of its arrival.

This is yogurt. Its hiding. It does not want to be associated with that kale and those carrots. It cozies up to the peaches. Nuzzles them, even.

These are peaches. Peaches are the new apricots. Honestly, they look great, and it's not the farm, it's me. Tell me what to do with peaches that doesn't taste like peaches. I'll grill one or two of them, but there's a lot, I dare say there are millions of peaches. Peaches for me.

Yeah, I know, take this whole post and tag it "first world problems" and send me on my way.

Please tell me about your farmshare, or your farm market, or your pick-your-own, or wherever it is that you're getting beautiful produce this summer. Let me share in your joy.

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