Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oatmeal Cookie Fail

I say that I don't bake and then take it back when I make bread or crackers.  I can't be trusted with sugar.  That's the thing. Sugar doesn't work for me.  A pinch here or there, sure, but once I'm using a measuring cup, it's all out the window. 

But, I cook all the time, and that gives me this false confidence that I can just handle whatever comes my way in the kitchen.  

So maybe we're on the couch watching the Hulu at 9:30 PM and Sous Chef Brian asks if we have cookies.  No, we don't have cookies because I haven't made any.  I make a pretty mean chocolate chip (I know this is contradicting the above) and I tend to keep the dough in the freezer but there's none on hand.  Sometimes I keep the cookies in the freezer.  But no, nothing.  I offer him frozen blueberries.  

He sighs.  I jump into wife mode.  I will make cookies.  Then he says he doesn't want chocolate chip.  I start rattling off cookie types (none of which do I have a reliable, go-to recipe for).

Want oatmeal?


Peanut butter?

I could make brownies.


I don't even know what a snickerdoodle is. 

Time passes, and it's 10 PM and he says he wants oatmeal.  I Google.  We want a soft, chewy cookie. I find a recipe.  I throw ingredients in a bowl.  I cream the butter and sugar.  Together, we roll the cookies into balls, dip them in sugar and lightly press them down with a glass.  10-12 minutes in the oven.

A landmass.  A continent.  Shatteringly crisp cookies, almost the texture of a Nature Valley granola bar, but flat.  Super flat.  They seem almost fried.  No more late night baking. 

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