Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CSA 2011 - The Goods - Week 6

Fruit week is the prettiest week. 

Apricots.   Again.  Let me know if you want them, or if you have a recipe for me, otherwise I'm bringing them to work. 

Blueberries.  Best we've had this year.  Awesome mix of tart and sweet. 

Kale.  Of course.  Because I'm obsessed with kale salad

And regular salad lettuce too.  Green leaf.  Big head.

Tomatoes.  Pretty ones.

And beans.

And I'm being totally spoiled by these onions.  You mean I get good onions with free scallions?  Sign me up.  Oh, I'm already signed up.  Rad.

And misc squashes.   Squash is something we're only getting into the the past three years or so...and two of these are unfamiliar, the light green/white guy and the, what's that, pattypan?  I need guidance.  Tell me about my squash. 

Member choice really eliminates waste (kohlrabi, beets) but there's a bit less adventure.  But seriously, if you can explain my new squashes to me, or tell me how to make pasta sauce out of the apricots, that'd be awesome. 

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