Thursday, July 19, 2012

I have a song stuck in my head & Seitan Green Curry

I'm someone who typically has a song stuck in my head.  It's not necessarily a song I like, or a song I've heard recently, and this, I think, is fairly strange because I'm not all that into music.  The music I like, I like a lot, but other music, no, I really don't like other music, and whoa is there a lot of it out there.  So I'm weird on music, especially with the musician husband and friends.  I've been around a lot of music, for not really liking most of it.  Anywho, I get songs stuck in my head very easily.  I'll often turn to Sous Chef Brian and just say, "Black Hole Sun,"* and he'll nod, or he'll think back to the last time he thinks I heard it and let me know why it's in my head.  

Great, now I can't get Black Hole Sun out of my head.

This happens when I'm cooking pretty often.  If I simmer anything I end up with Slow and Low.  If I dare to add brown sugar to a dish, there it is, Brown Sugar, for hours.   I used brown sugar last night.  I guess that's why I'm telling you this.

I made the green curry recipe I have up here, except with seitan instead of chicken.  I marinated the seitan just as I would have done the chicken and rather than cornstarching it and frying it, I just left it in the skillet a bit too long so the edges crisped.  I used those eggplants that I thought were Japanese but turned out to be Indian. 

Yeah, they're sort of yellow iPhone photos taken on the couch while we re-watched The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
It was good.  Even the rice turned out.

But I can't go writing about this green curry recipe, because I already wrote about it a year ago.  

Sometimes I think about doing to this blog what Alton Brown did to his twitter account for a while.  He used to delete his past tweets, so there was only today's content at any given moment.  I think the people revolted and he went back to keeping his tweets, but hey, if I delete all past recipes, then when I make them again, they'll be new.  

I'm not going to do that. But there's just not always something new on the menu.  Sometimes you make the same curry and switch the protein.  Sometimes you have pbj for dinner.  

Sometimes you eat at a furniture store for college students. 

*I think it's a societal ill that the easiest way to share a link to music is to share a video link.  What's up with that?  Why do I have to watch music?  And now all I'm thinking about is this.

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