Friday, July 13, 2012

CSA Summer 2012 - The Goods - Week 8 (and week 7)

Week 8: The stone fruit continues.   The good news is that my colleagues like it, and so I bring peaches to work and spread joy.  I hope apricots work the same way.  The better news is that both Sous Chef Brian and I had some recollection of not liking blackberries and we were both wrong.  

Pretty apricots to give away.

Green beans.


Butter.  This is my second consecutive week of butter.  I can choose butter, eggs, tofu, seitan or yogurt each week and something weird happened in my house because I ran out of butter a week after getting it.  That's not standard.  We keep butter too long.  Butter spoils in our house.  It was a combination of zucchini bread and the garlic knots that did us in. 

Unmarked cheese.  It's actually Lawrenceville Jack, from Lawrenceville, New Jersey, close to where both Sous Chef Brian and I grew up. 

Cilantro.  I have already made nachos with this.

Eggplants.  I got so excited that there were Japanese Indian eggplants for sale that I totally forgot I was already getting an eggplant and insisted Sous Chef Brian pick up these little guys.  Now we need to eat a lot of eggplant.

Very hairy garlic.

Kale.  Salad time. 

Butterhead lettuce.  This is so soft and wonderful.

(Purchased) tomatoes. 

Oh but wait there's more.  I totally forgot to post The Goods last week, so here's  a cat photo and last week's haul.

They use the cat tree exclusively in the summer, because it's a straight shot from the AC unit to the tree. Otherwise they wouldn't hang out so close to each other. The rest of the year we just have a giant cat tree in the living room and two cats on the floor. 

 Cantaloupe, which we've just been balling and eating.  Corn.  One ear got roasted over a gas burner for nachos, the others might end up frozen if I don't get to it.  Pretty little plums.  I loved them but Sous Chef Brian did not, so half went to work and half went to me.  Dill.  So much dill this year, I'm not keeping up.  Onions.  Chevre, which I've forever mispronounced and recently served with jalepeno jelly, which was awesome, and butter, which we've already discussed, and the zucchini that started the whole zucchini-bread-butter-shortage situation.  Peaches, which were given away and (our first) green peppers (used in nachos) and some taters.  Taters got hash-browned. 

Now we're all caught up. Recipes again soon, I promise. Also a contest. 

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