Monday, February 13, 2012

Amazing Local Ice Cream

Just a note, I don't have any pictures of ice cream.   But it just wouldn't be right to pretend it didn't happen. 

ok, I tried to take a shot of the whole table and really just ended up with a photo of a bowl of cilantro.  
My friends made this awesome dinner the other night.   Chili and cornbread, perfect for snow.  And like fools, they asked me to bring dessert.  Ya'll know I don't make dessert. 

But there are two new bakeries in my neighborhood, so I thought I'd have no trouble picking something up.   

I headed to the closest one and it was closed.  I have tried to go here three times, and each time it's been closed.  6pm on a Saturday seems like high time for folks to be picking up dessert to bring somewhere, but what do I know about running a bakery.  I don't make dessert.

So we ran to the other one, and I seriously could not afford to buy enough dessert there to serve all five of us.  Everything looked delicious, but no.  

I was half-tempted to stop into the grocery store and buy chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers and force my friends to fire up their grill in the snow, when Sous Chef Brian suggested one of our favorite casual little restaurants.  I didn't remember them selling desserts, but we stopped in anyway.

the chili was spectacular.
And there, along the back wall, was the OwowCow ice cream.   Yes, it was snowing, but it was also calling to me.  Organic, honey-sweetened ice cream from Bucks County.   We stared at the options for a moment.  Two kinds of vanilla?  These people meant business.  And Sous Chef Brian loves his vanilla.  

We picked up a pint of Indonesian vanilla, which the folks in the restaurant explained was creamier and more caramel-y than the Madagascar vanilla, and another pint of berry ice cream. We grabbed some chocolate sauce from home and headed out. 

seriously, this is bacon crusted corn bread.  seriously. 
No pictures of the ice cream, because we had already eaten huge bowls of chili and even huger pieces of bacon-crusted cornbread, so ice cream happened much later, in front of a fireplace after several glasses of wine and some board-game hilarity.  

The vanilla was impossibly creamy and smooth, with the caramel flavors we expected from the description. The berry, which I worried might have been too sorbet-ish and crisp, was spectacular, like the best strawberry ice cream but with more going on.  Together, they were fantastic, as the sweetness of the berries was cut by the more complex vanilla.  

How good was it?  No one touched the chocolate sauce. 

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