Monday, August 29, 2011

Peach and Onion Chutney

I think I've made my disdain for peaches very clear.  Also, I think my friends and neighbors are getting tired of getting all my peaches.   


And peeled.

Proof that peaches are weird?  What else looks the same whether the skin is on or off?

Pitted and sliced.

With red onion.  One pictured, but I actually used two.

And garlic. 

In a pot with vinegar and sugar.  Next time, I'd skip the sugar.

And spices.  Cayenne.  I went back and added more later. 

And corriander. 

Simmered, stirring often, for 30 minutes.  

It wasn't bad.  It was good. It wasn't peachy.  It was sweet and tangy and a bit spicy. I haven't figured out the right application for it yet. 

So I had this little condiment sized dish of it, and I ate some of it on tortilla chips and then stashed it in the fridge.  Then it got knocked over in the fridge, so all I have is my freezer supply.  So Sous Chef Brian hasn't had a chance to taste it and has no idea what it is. 
There was a ton of it.   I poured it into a cupcake pan. 

And froze it, so it'd be defrostable in side dish/condiment sized doses. 

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