Friday, January 28, 2011

Food blogging?

Saturday's Mouse is a fairly disgusting name for a food blog. Yet still hilarious. I'll leave up the story about the mouse for context. It's not food related.

I sent Archana my pizza dough recipe and she suggested I write a food blog? But there are a million food blogs, and those people cook better than me. And there are already excellent snarky food blogs in a voice similar to mine. Like Anger Burger and Bread and Honey (ok she hardly posts anymore). Besides, nearly a year ago when I last updated this, I almost went in that direction. So if you want better food blogging, with as much foul language as I use, go look there. If you want to know what I cooked today, you can look here.

So ok, food blogging. Besides, I'm at a fun place with food. I need to pick a CSA, and I'm in that place in winter where all my veg are frozen anyhow and I have to make stuff up. Because fresh veg speak for themselves, but frozen veg need a lot of talking to.

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