Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hot Tip: Save your spoon with a clip

So I make these Norwegian cookies.  I told you all about them last year. Krumkake.  They take over my kitchen for two weekends each December.  There's smoke and fire and grease and burned fingers and spilled batter and in the end, lacy, crisp, amazing sugar cookies. Still, a huge mess. 

Well, this year I figured it out.  No, this doesn't prevent small kitchen fires and burned fingertips, those are going to happen either way, but oh does it  save on cleanup.

Sure, you don't make krumkake.  I understand.  Maybe you make pancakes, or pizzelles or something else with a drippy batter?  

This is a bag clip, but a standard binder clip would work too.  Clip it on the edge of your bowl and your spoon won't sink down into the batter.  Everything is right with the world. 

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