Friday, April 13, 2012

The Goods and how I'm not hip.

I'm not hip.  You've probably figured that out by now.  I don't like the new music the kids listen to.  Ok, I have no idea what the kids are listening to, but I don't like the new music Sous Chef Brian listens to. 

I only figured out Twitter last year.  I was online before just about everyone else, and now at 30-some, I can't turn on the Netflix on my own (there's a Playstation involved, it's complicated).  So I'm slow to catch on.  I've been highlighting other foods on the interwebs in the What Else is On series, because it seems that the interwebs are made of cat photos and food, and we should take advantage of that, and relying on me for your food might leave you hungry some weeks.  And then I was like, "Oh, there's a thing for this!" And that thing is Pinterest.  

So now Saturday's Mouse is on Pinterest.  You can look at my foods that way, and look at the other foods I like and think I might make.   

Sous Chef Brian thought the new little button (to your left) was a Phillies logo.  Maybe he's not that hip either. 

Also, we got The Goods this week.  Week 23 of the winter buying club.

Honey and jam, via Margerum's.  Pear jam.  I have something up my sleeve.  Or I'll just ignore it and eventually put it on toast. 

Lettuces.  Mixed from Landisdale, and bibb and claytonia (I have no idea) from Silver Mine Farm. 

Various proteins.  Tofu from Fresh Tofu, and smoked cheddar from Hillacres Pride, eggs from L&L Farms and bacon from Forrest Acres.

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