Monday, August 6, 2012

CSA Summer 2012 - The Goods - Week Eleven

Ok, yeah, these are way late, but I didn't want you to miss out on the goodness, so here they are. 

I'm not really sure which stuff came with our standard CSA share and which stuff Sous Chef Brian bought.  The lettuce has a price tag on it, so he bough that, and I gave him instructions to buy all the peppers he could hold, so some of this is standard weekly, and some of this is additional purchase. 

Apples.  Crisp as anything too. 

Basil.  When I get big fluffy basil, I think, "That's unnecessary, I have my own plant," and then I look over at the plant I've barely kept alive since April and it's tiny little leaves and I'm thrilled to have farmshare basil. 

Bok Choy.  Sous Chef Brian traded out our peaches for another head of it, and so I immediately blanched and froze all of it so we wouldn't end up overwhelmed. 

I typically make my own ricotta.  I buy it if I need more than a quart or so, but generally speaking, the amount I make is fine.  However, it's very nice to have someone else's ricotta just show up on the doorstep, saving my some cheesemaking. 

Cherry peppers.  I think Sous Chef Brian bought these.   The farm said they had peppers in and I got very excited and told him to buy all of them.   I think he did. 




All the jalepenos.  These'll be a post soon. 

Anaheims?  Bananas?  Just not sure.

Red onions. 

More peppers.  These are the bananas?  Or something else?



Bell pepper. 

Pricy bag of salad. 


There are exciting things coming up - pickled jalepenos, an incredible dessert, a contest and more, so I need to stay on top of this stuff!

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